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Miss Multiverse  The Company


In 2008 Linda Grandia founded the organization as the license holder of more than 46 licenses for international pageants becaming the leading pageant company in Europe


2011 Miss Multiverse was created providing Conventions, Business Events, Live Shows and touristic packages to a global fan base becoming an effective platform to convert fans and viewers to consumers and travel bookings.


2012 Miss Multiverse partnered with the TV Network Super Canal turning Miss Multiverse in to a travel TV reality program centered in the destination and travel industry delivered to viewers through TV Reality Production, Mobile Technology and Interactive Engagement Platform. Operating from The Dominican Republic Super Canal provides television programs to millions of viewers in Dominican Republic, El Salvador,  Curacao and the US via Time Warner Cable, Comcast and Verizon.


2013 Miss Multiverse partnered with Yuuzoo Corporation to expand its online engagement platform. The new platform uniquely combines social networking, e-commerce and gaming in a mobile-optimized, fully localized virtual shopping mall, where the consumer can access hundreds of targeted social networks, targeted shops and targeted entertainment through one single login. All networks are localized for each market as comes to language as well as merchandise and design. Yuuzoo is Headquartered in Singapore and listed on the SGX mainboard (SGX: AFC), with access, after the recent acquisition of 26 million mobile gamers in China, to over 110 million users in 164 countries.


Early 2015 a new company was created Multiverse Ventures with the purpose of separating the I Am Multiverse TV reality program from the activities of Miss Multiverse. As content providers and event organizers, we work with many tourism organizations and destination marketers around the world creating engaging reality TV content and interactive applications to link viewers with the country’s most visited attractions.


2015 Multiverse Ventures partnered with Five Time Emmy Award Production company P&L Media, Producers of three TV programs that revolutionized American viewing — A Current Affair, Judge Judy and Last Shot With Judge Gunn. Tourism Competitive Intelligence found that 40 million international tourists chose their destination primarily because they saw a film shot in that country. Our mission is to help destinations and organizations put in place content strategies within our program that will best tell their unique story and become an inviting host for visitors no matter the purpose of their journey.


The primary focus of Multiverse Ventures BV  is to provide an insiders view of a touristic destination through the eyes of real people as they interact with the local environment. We look at tourism with a wide lens, capturing situations and human emotions that produce long lasting impressions for our viewers and associate them with inspiring destinations.



Address: Kepplerstraat 13, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Mobile: +31 33 4625501


Skype address: MissmultiverseTV

Facebook Page:

Twitter: @MisMultiverse

KVK number: 32135461

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