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Somtimes d right path is Nt d easiest one

Gretel Saldanha Dsouza 15 hours 54 minutes ago

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U change ur lif by changing ur heart

Gretel Saldanha Dsouza 15 hours 55 minutes ago

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Neva stop learnin as lif doesn't stop teaching

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If u fall ill b der

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Enjoy lif today yest is gon n tomorow may neva com

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Neva gv up bcoz g8 things tk tim

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God puts people in ur lif fr a reason

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Beautiful minds inspire others

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U r so much stronger den u think

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Fall seven times stand up eight

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Luk in d mirror dats ur competition

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Don't limit but challenges challenge ur limit

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Neva stop lukin up

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Follow The Adventures of Australia´s Most Beautiful Models on Their Journey Towards The Title ¨Miss Multiverse Australia¨

© Modern Women are Multi-faceted, Multi-talented, Multi-skilled and Much more; they are capable, independent, educated and empowered. They Are Multiverse!!! - TOP 10 - WINNERS 2017

The Journey Begins In Sydney the largest and most vibrant city in Australia

Host City

Sydney Australia

SydneySydney capital of New South Wales, the oldest, biggest, and most beautiful of all Australian cities, lies amid a seductive intermingling of land and sea. Sydney offers plenty of historical and contemporary Australian flavor and is best known for its harbour front Opera House, with a distinctive sail-like design. Massive Darling Harbour and Circular Quay are hubs of waterside life, with the towering, arched Harbour Bridge and esteemed Royal Botanic Gardens nearby.

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The Competition

Multiverse Models Australia

Who are they?

Beautiful models from all around Australia come together for the annual Miss Multiverse Australia Contest to pursue their dreams of winning the crown. They will soon discover this is no ordinary contest on stage, it is an epic adventure of personal growth and self discovery.

The beautiful models that reach the finals are already accomplished models, they are at a point in their careers where their motivation goes beyond showcasing their beauty; they are seeking life changing experiences, recognition of their internal qualities, empowerment capabilities and the opportunity to give the best of themselves to empower others.

The winner of Miss Multiverse Australia will represent her country among 30 international models abroad to celebrate excellence among women and will become a cast of the TV Reality program.

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Their lives revolve around glamour, perfection and winning at any cost

Fashion + Runway Model Challenge

With over 300 million results for “How to Walk Like a Model” on Google, it’s no secret that a model’s walk is one of the most defining—and fascinating—aspects of her career. To become one of the Miss Multiverse South Africa Winners, the models fashion sense and runway skills will be put to the test.

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But to win the most sought after price they will have to prove them selves

Intellectual challenges

Business capability and strategic thinking challenge.

Miss Multiverse Models are women entrepreneurs contributing In the business landscape of Australia, therefore strategic leadership is a critical requirement to become Miss Multiverse.

The contestants will be divided in to 4 groups and assigned a complex challenge by the CEO of a large corporation in Australia. Judges will evaluate qualities such as; leadership traits, entrepreneurial abilities, conventional wisdom, team work, capability to build trust and reach consensus.

Models Sigh-Up

Their limits will be put to the test

A 100% Adrenaline RUSH!

Ready for some ACTION?

The challenges will take place at the Bavaro Adventure Park and other beautiful, exotic, attention-grabbing destinations, with activities full of adventures, adrenaline and lots of fun.

Skywalker Zip Line, Treasure of the Caribbean, Climbing Garden, Sky Globe ( Balloon Ride), X-treme Driver, Segway Glorious Shooter Paint Ball, Sky Diver, Flight Simulator, Crazy Ball Zorbing, Crazy Jumper Bungee Trampoline and mucho more..

hr video

The journey culminates on a glamorous stage with live performances and fashion extravaganza

Australia´s Grand Finals

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Final Show Gala

And The Winner Is... The winner of Miss Multiverse is described as a confident, elegant and classy lady that has embraced her own unique brand of beauty and understands that her power and strength comes from her inner and outer balanced personality, during the contest, she will display qualities such as; leadership, entrepreneurial abilities, charisma, social etiquette, emotional balance and beauty that radiates from the inside. With this title she represents Modern Women whom are Multi-faceted, Multi-talented, Multi-skilled and Much more; they are capable, independent, educated and empowered. The Gala Event revolves around the professional advancement of women entrepreneurs and brings together a global network of like-minded people with talented live entertainment artist, in a theater and VIP dinner setting to celebrate excellence among women.

And the Winner is Gabrielle Keaton

Follow her journey to the WORLD FINALS of Miss Multiverse

Punta Cana - November 18 to December 3, 2017


Copyright © 2016  Multiverse Ventures. All Rights Reserved.

Licensed in Australia by Franken Entertainment Firm.

Address: 463 victoria rd, rydalmere, nsw, Australia, 2116

Mail: |Phone: +61 - 0404385988 | Web:


Miss Multiverse Australia

Achievement Beyond Beauty.



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