Miss Multiverse Australia

Miss Multiverse Australia

  • Yolandi Franken

    • Age: 35
    • Representing country: Australia
    • Height: 5’7
    • Measurements: 34-26-36

    Yolandi’s Motto in Life:

    “Life is how you make it, so make it worthwhile; life is how you take it so take it with a smile”

    Interview with Miss Multiverse Australia 2016

    We asked Yolandi to write a short paragraph describing who she is:

    “I am someone that never stops, I am always working hard and was lucky enough to be able to follow my dream to be a feature film producer. I have been working in the film industry for 16 years as producer and head of production at the film studio. As a secondary job I do modeling, MC at large events and do a bit of acting. In my spare time I like to do charity and community work, I have given over 800 hours of my time over the past 14 months. I am on the board of a charity that focuses on creating awareness of Ovarian Cancer. I also run a short film festival of which all profits go to charity. Fitness, health and staying in shape are very important to me and I exercise five days a week. I am a very happy person and don’t take many things to serious. I give my best and believe that it will pay off. I am very much a people person and love spending time with others and always tends to be the one that people talk to about problems. I love having fun, taking risks and trying new things, the crazier, the better. There is only one thing I won’t do and that is to eat all kinds of animals because I am a huge animal lover”

    We asked Yolandi why she entered this competition:

    Being part of Miss Multiverse is a great opportunity, not only for my modeling career but also for my charity work as this gives me a larger platform of people to spread my message to. Being a role model for women and girls around the world is such an honor and being part of Miss Multiverse and what it stands for will make that possible.

    Yolandi’s Hobbies:

    “Apart from charity work, I love staying fit so I work out five times a week. If this can be called a hobby, I love to try all sorts of new things whether it is food, an experience or a place. I like spending time in nature and watching a good movie”

    Yolandi’s Talents:

    “I am good with people and part of that is speaking to large groups of people. In terms of more specific talents, I do stage combat and wirework. These were skills acquired for the purpose of improving my acting options”

    Yolandi’s Education:

    “I have a Diploma in TV and Film Production. I am also a qualified beauty consultant and Microsoft Office trainer. In addition to that I have completed many acting and public speaking courses and have my first-aid, stage combat and firearms certifications”

    Yolandi’s Career:

    “I am a Feature Film Producer and I work as Head of Production at a Film Studio in Sydney. As a secondary job I do modeling, acting and public speaking”

    We asked Yolandi to tell us 5 things we’d be most surprised to learn about her:

    1) I learned to read upside down before I could read the right way around. This is because I used to follow what my mother was reading to me opposite the table.

    2) I prefer action and sci-fi films over romantic films.

    3) Some of my left side body parts are double jointed. Depending on the day and external factors, my height can vary with 3cm

    4) Even though I am against guns, I have a firearm certification and training – for the sake of being realistic when I play a police officer or shooter in a film.

    5) I had a breast reduction when I was 17 due to my back not being able to carry the weight.

    We asked Yolandi what awards she won:

    In school: 3 x dancing awards, many fundraising awards. After school: Best Actress award in a film I played the lead female, Lifetime Queen (for the charity work I did), “Best MC at functions” award, a few pageant titles.

    We asked Yolandi what charities she is affiliated with:

    Teal Wings of Hope – Ovarian Awareness.

    Animal Welfare Charities

    I also help other charities at events, with fundraising and offer services for free – I like to help a new charity once a month.

    Yolandi’s list of top print or commercial jobs to date:

    Face of “Event Cinemas” for 3 years – the largest Cinema chain in Australia.

    Live TV interviews

    • Morning Extra – The Morning Show Channel 9
    • Sky News Business – Your Career

    Lead acting roles

    · Optispoon – TVC

    · Cancer Council – TVC

    · McDonalds – TVC

    · Bosche Champagne – TVC

    · Commercial Kotex –TVC

    · Monster Bid – TVC

    · Time Lag – Short Film - Lead (Agent Hamilton)

    · Future Stock _ Short Film – Lead (Scientist)

    · Aged Care – Training video – Lead (Nurse Joey)

    · Turbines – Feature Film – Lead (Velma)

    · Eerie Encounters – TV Series – (Lead Guest) Wife (reenactment)

    · SOS Di-Caprio – Long Short – Lead (Kate)

    · Do-Ghea-Vy – Short Film – Lead (Debra)

    · The Auction – Short Film – Lead (Secretary)

    · Ten Cents – Short Film – Lead (Zuri)

    · Number 53 - Short Film – Lead (Wife)

    · The Breaking – Short Film – Lead (Amy)

    · A Dirty Business – Short Film – Lead (Jil)


    Mrs World Australia 2016

    Mrs Australia (Multiverse) 2015

    Mrs. Australia National Finalist 2014

    Runway, Photographic, Fashion, TV Presenting

    Various magazine shoots including FHM and South African Magazines and Newspapers,

    Promotional Materials, etc.

    Fashion, Glamor, Swimwear

    Winner of Face of Tomorrow 2005

    Winner of Mrs. Queen of all Seasons Gauteng 2005

    Winner of Mrs. Queen of all Seasons South Africa 2005

    Finalist in Winter Queen Pageant 2004

    Winner of Miss Natural beauty 2000

    Finalist in Miss Rustenburg Pageant 2000

    Second Place in Miss Zoetendal Pageant 2000 

    Wet n Wild – Sydney

    Event Cinema's Promotional Photos and Videos

    Sante Fe – Catalogue & Promotional Materials

    Stockland Magazine Photos and Front Cover

    FHM Top 100 (South Africa)

    Various Magazines: Fashion, Glamour, Swimwear

    Master of ceremonies

    Miss International 2014

    Miss International 2015

    Mrs Australia 2015

    Kidney Foundation Fundraiser

    Fashion Mandu

    Dreamgirl Pageant (400 attendees)

    Liverpool Council Annual Festival (4000 attendees)

    Cancer Relay for life fundraiser (2000 attendees)

    Miss International (200 attendees)

    Various Weddings 

    Maxim Swimwear Model of the year – Various Heats during 2015 and 2016

    Miss V8 – Various Heats during 2015 and 2016

    Future Faces 2015

    Face of Beauty 2014

    Various between 1997 and 2004 

    Australian & American Accent - Katherine Beck

    Stanislavsky Method - Natela Dzuliashvili

    Wirework Class - Igor Breakenback

    Basic Certificate - Sydney Stage Combat School (Sword & Unarmed)

    Firearms Training - Certification

    ACTT – Acting

    Television Presenting certificate

    Modeling School

Miss Multiverse Australia 2016 - Yolandi Franken

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