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Samantha Kachuta uploaded Instagram Photo 3 days ago

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Iman Katanu uploaded Instagram Photo 1 week ago

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always remind yourself how awesome you are

is Online with 358 Points

stay positive stay focused

is Online with 357 Points

never look down upon someone unless you are admiring their shoes

is Online with 356 Points

do not stop unless you are tying your shoes

is Online with 355 Points

the bottom line is to remember why you started

Samantha Kachuta uploaded Instagram Photo 1 week ago

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U can learn somthin new everyday if u listen

is Online with 459 Points

Make today the day to learn somthin new

is Online with 458 Points

Life hs no remote get up n change urself

is Online with 457 Points

All things r difficult before dey gt easy

is Online with 456 Points

Purpose is an incredible alarm clock

is Online with 455 Points

Do d right thing even wen no1 is lukin

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The future depends on wt u do today

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Stay determined

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