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  • About Miss Ukraine Multiverse 2016

    Anastasia Chernova

    • Age: 22
    • Representing country: Ukraine
    • Height: 5’10
    • Measurements: 34-25-34

    Anastasia’s Motto in Life: “To be nobody-but-yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody but yourself, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight- and never stop fighting”

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    We asked Anastasia to write a short paragraph describing who she is:

    “I am a young dreamer, believer and an enthusiastic girl. I love everything about my life. I feel blessed because I have lots of talents, beauty, great health and loving people in my life”

    We asked Anastasia why she entered this competition:

    “The win will be a huge motivation to keep developing for being a best version of myself in order to be happy, strong and inspire other young girls, women.  I’ll make my parents proud of their child. The power of Miss Multiverse Crown will give me thee opportunities to raise the awareness to the current world’s problems and also it is the opportunity to draw the attention to my country, Ukraine, that is in condition of a civil war. I’d be happy if this win can help my country”

    Anastasia’s Hobbies:

    “I have lots of hobbies and things to do for leisure activities. My main hobbies are; drawing, learning foreign languages (I know English, French, Russian) also I like to do hand made accessories, design clothes (I am a fashion designer), traveling, doing different kinds of sports and range shooting”

    Anastasia’s Talents:

    “I really like to draw and believe that I am good at it. Also I have a sense of rhythm and iI heard lots of compliments about the way I dance”

    Anastasia’s Education:

    “Kharkiv Pedagogical University; English Major; City college of san Francisco; Fashion textile and design; Beauty school; Fashion make-up artist. Signed up now for a TV journalism school”

    Anastasia’s Career:

    “I am a Model, Make-up artist, currently working on my own clothing line”

    We asked Anastasia to tell us 5 things we’d be most surprised to learn about her:

    1) I am obsessed with range shooting despite that is not common among girls.

    2) I was honored to represent Ukraine at Miss Universe and be part of a great show that was held in Las Vegas 2012.

    3) I ran a half marathon through the Golden Gate Bridge, that was one of my biggest dreams.

    4) I am going to learn how to play on a mouth –organ, really like that sound.

    5) I have a wide collection of cactuses.

    We asked Anastasia what awards she won:

    “Miss Ukraine Universe 2012; The crown of Miss Kharkov 2012; medal from the SF Marathon 2014 and many more are coming”.

    We asked Anastasia what charities she is affiliated with:

    “I had a chance to participate variety of charities when I was in a position of Miss Ukraine Universe 2012; I ran a marathon for the ‘let’s move’ program. Also I cook sometimes for the homeless people and visit the orphanages of my native city with small gifts for the kids”

    Anastasia’s list of top print or commercial jobs to date:

    • The cover of Ukraine fashion magazines
    • Semeinie Istorii
    • Telenidelya
    • Photoshoots for diverse Ukraine designers
    • Poternak
    • Podolian
    • Pustovit