Miss Multiverse Contestants 2016

Miss Multiverse Belgium





    Miss Belgium Multiverse 2016

    Eleonora Manukian

    • Age: 20
    • Representing country: Belgium
    • Height: 5’8
    • Measurements: 34-26-35
    Eleonora’s Motto in Life: “Work hard and never give up, everything is possible”

    We asked Eleonora to write a short paragraph describing who she is:

    “I am optimistic and positive person. I like fashion, beauty, style and adventure. That’s why I want to take part in Miss Multiverse. Also I like to travel around the world, to meet new people, to discover other countries with their culture and traditions and their food of course

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    We asked Eleonora why she entered this competition:

    “I like very much the idea that modern women are Multi-faceted, Multi-talented, Multi-skilled and much more. Also that inner beauty is as much important as outer beauty. I like beauty, fashion, style and adventure. That’s why I enter the competition

    Eleonora’s Hobbies:

    “Dancing, Fashion, Nail art and Fitness”

    Eleonora’s Talents:

    “Dancing, i can also easy study new languages. I speak 4 languages fluently and i study 2 new languages right now”

    Eleonora’s Education:

    “College degree Accountancy and informatics”

    Eleonora’s Career:

    “I am a Model and i work as a hosttess”

    We asked Eleonora to tell us 5 things we’d be most surprised to learn about her:

    1) I have long legs but small feet’s (size 37).

    2) I love horror movies; I find it funny most of the time.

    3) I’m interested in Korean culture and their language.

    4) I used to practice karate when I was younger.

    5) I have more than 100 nail polishes in my collection.

    We asked Eleonora what awards she won:

    “Miss Multiverse Belgium”.

    We asked Eleonora what charities she is affiliated with:

    “I have done many school charities”

    Eleonora’s list of top print or commercial jobs to date:

    • Dexters Collection
    • Auto salon Brussels

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