Miss Multiverse Contestants 2016

Miss Multiverse Russia


  • Miss Multiverse Russia 2016

    Tatiana Shapran

    Measurments: 172,84-60-92.

    Hair -blonde, Eyes-blue

    Motto in life: Learn From The past, plan for future, but live in The present.

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    Education: I studied fashion and finances at the Marangoni University.

    We are asked why she entered Miss Multiverse.

    I am so happy to represent my country in Miss Multiverse. It is really a very powerful experience in My life. I will have the opportunity to meet new people, specially the talented contestants from so many other countries, i am looking forward to meet them all, this is also a Great step forward as a model and to introduce my self in to the TV industry. I feel so exited to be part of Miss Multiverse and to be able to say - I Am Multiverse..

    If you were given 1 million $ to spend right now, how would you spend it?
    I would give the money to children's homes and shelters for animals because i support these charities, and use the rest of the money to I invest in my  project as a woman entrepreneur.

    What are your fears? List them from worst to least.
    1)Big Spiders
    2)To be lonely

    What quality do you consider most important in friendship?
    Honesty –

    What irritates you most in other people?

    What charity/ charities are you affiliated with?
    I often work with orphanage. I  bring them gifts and clothes, children are the future and it is important to create a good experience for them and help them become positive members of our community.

    What is your obsession?
    Honestly I have a lot of obsession

    What do you do when you are angry?
    I try to control myself and count until 10 and breathe deeply

    Most scary animal or insect?
     For me its spiders

    What are you freakishly addicted to?
    I am addicted from aroma lamps , my favorite perfume

    If you win, what does that mean for you?
    Firstly, is to achieve something so special. This Victory for me would be an opportunity to empower other women, whom have dreams of achieving thier goals, it would be such an honor to be an inspiration to others and influence positive change in their lives.

    Where is your favorite place to be?
    Near the ocean

    What color relates to your personality and why?
    Red- It is the color of victory , celebration , vitality , activity and optimism . This color is happy to share the energy will stimulate to action

    Do you consider yourself a party person or a home person, why
    I can be both of them !Sometime I like party ,people,music,this kind of energy,but after I am tired of this and prefer to stay at home ,just watching movie ,chill, cooking ,reading the book or yoga!It depends of my mood !

    Are you comfortable in the outdoors?
    Yes, I feel very comfortable! I like to spend weekends outdoors with my friends and do sporty activities.

    Are you sporty? What sports have you done and do you do?
    Yes sports are very important in my life. It improves health and keep your body and mind in a good shape. As a child i practiced gymnastic for 7 years, it was a good school and a positive impact in my life, i continue to be active with fitness and aerobic on a regular basis.