Get ready for Miss Multiverse!

This unique personality contest combines the thrill of Survivor with the business acumen of The Apprentice while connecting a group of like-minded women from around the globe.

"The most adventurous multi-capability personality contest on Earth!"

This exceptional personality competition blends the excitement of Survivor with the business savvy of The Apprentice, while taking you on a journey to discover some of the most breathtaking tourist destinations. Forged with the expertise of five-time Emmy Award-winning production companies, we have created a one-of-a-kind platform to spotlight the world’s most formidable women in a way that can inspire, educate, and entertain our audiences. The scoring system is transparent with no judges and based solely on accomplishments and challenges, testing drive, intellect, substance, and achievements beyond physical beauty, setting it apart from traditional contests. Join us on our quest to discover The Most Amazing Woman on Earth and uncover the boundless capabilities of Modern Multifaceted Women from around the world.
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The Adventure Begins In The Dominican Republic

Warm water and rich natural landscapes is how visitors describe the Beaches of The Dominican Republic, they are without a doubt among the best in the world.
Escape to a Tropical Paradise
Ready for for the SUN?

The Dominican Republic is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Warm water, crystal-clear waves, and soft sand make it the perfect destination for a surfing adventure. Miss Multiverse contestants will get to experience the thrill of catching waves while enjoying the breathtaking natural landscapes.

Join us on the golden sand of Bavaro Beach and learn to surf in a safe and fun environment. With our expert instructors, you'll be riding waves like a pro in no time. Or simply soak up the sun and relax in the beautiful surroundings. The Dominican Republic is waiting for you!

Their lives revolve around glamour, perfection and winning

Social & Emotional Intelligence Challenge
Measuring Emotional Intelligence and Savoir-Faire.

At Miss Multiverse, we believe that true beauty goes beyond physical appearance. Our contestants are not only elegant but also possess sophisticated social and emotional skills. To become the next Miss Multiverse, you'll need to demonstrate verbal fluency, articulate communication, self-confidence, and social etiquette.

Join us for the Social and Emotional Intelligence Challenge, where contestants will be placed in social situations to evaluate their expressiveness, charisma, and emotional balance. You'll witness the intense preparation, adventure, camaraderie, emotions, friendships, and everything in between as they seek to win the most sought-after prize!

"Celebrating Multifaceted Women Around the World"

© Modern Women are Multi-faceted, Multi-talented, Multi-skilled and Much more; they are capable, independent, educated and empowered. They Are Multiverse!!
Fashion + Runway Model Challenge
Strut Your Stuff - Showcase Your Fashion Sense and Runway Skills.

With over 300 million results for “How to Walk Like a Model” on Google, it’s no secret that a model’s walk is one of the most defining—and fascinating—aspects of her career. At Miss Multiverse, we'll put your fashion sense and runway skills to the test. You'll get to showcase the elegant collection of international designers in an attractive calendar of shows.

Join us for the Fashion + Runway Model Challenge, where our models will compete to be the next Miss Multiverse. You'll witness their creativity, poise, elegance, and confidence as they walk the runway and wow the judges. Are you ready to show the world what you've got?

But to win the most sought after price they will have to prove them selves

Intellectual Challenges
Business Capability and Strategic Thinking Challenge

Miss Multiverse models are not just beautiful, but they are also savvy business women with strategic leadership skills. In this challenge, the contestants will be divided into four groups and assigned a complex challenge by the CEO of a large corporation. The judges will evaluate qualities such as leadership traits, entrepreneurial abilities, conventional wisdom, teamwork, capability to build trust, and reach consensus.

Their limits will be put to the test

A 100% Adrenaline RUSH!
Ready for some ACTION?

The Miss Multiverse competition is not just about beauty, but it's also about strength, courage, and resilience. The challenges will take place at beautiful, exotic, attention-grabbing destinations, with activities full of adventures, adrenaline, and lots of fun. From skydiving to zip-lining, climbing, and even paintball, the contestants will be pushed to their limits and beyond.

The journey culminates on a glamorous stage with live performances and fashion extravaganza

Final Show Gala
And The Winner Is...

The Miss Multiverse competition culminates in a glamorous final show gala, where the winner will be crowned. The winner of Miss Multiverse is described as a confident, elegant, and classy lady who has embraced her own unique brand of beauty and understands that her power and strength come from her inner and outer balanced personality. During the contest, she will display qualities such as leadership, entrepreneurial abilities, charisma, social etiquette, emotional balance, and beauty that radiates from the inside. With this title, she represents modern women who are multi-faceted, multi-talented, multi-skilled, and much more; they are capable, independent, educated, and empowered. The gala event revolves around the professional advancement of women entrepreneurs and brings together a global network of like-minded people with talented live entertainment artists in a theater and VIP dinner setting to celebrate excellence among women.

There will be 10 winners but only one beauty queen

 If you are a confident, elegant, and classy lady who understands that your power and strength come from your inner and outer balanced personality, then sign up now. This is not just about winning the title, it’s also about joining a community of like-minded women from around the world who are multi-faceted, multi-talented, and multi-skilled.

All Inclusive Resort
Join us in the Dominican Republic, where we'll host the world finals with 30 international contestants. You'll stay at an all-inclusive resort that offers thrilling gaming action, exhilarating nightlife, and tantalizing culinary options, all infused with our legendary rock and roll vibe. Get ready to witness the ultimate test of intellect, drive, substance, and achievement!
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