Miss Multiverse Cameroon

{slider=Miss Cameroon Multiverse 2016} Naoumie Ekiko Age: 26 Representing country: Cameroon Height: 5’95 Measurements: 34-25-36 {slider=title=”Read More” class=”icon”} Naoumie’s Motto in Life: “Awesome; Relax and enjoy the little things” We asked Naoumie to write a short paragraph describing who she is: “I am a Sagittarius with adventure written all over. I love exploring and discovering […]

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Miss Multiverse Italy

{slider=title=”Interview With Miss Multiverse Italy” class=”icon”} Jami Cirone Age: 29 Representing Country: Italy Height: 5’8 Measurements: 33-23-35 {slider=title=”Click to read more” class=”icon”} Jami’s Motto in Life: “For attractive lips speak words of kindness, for lovely eyes look for the beauty in others.” We asked Jami to write a short paragraph describing who she is: “I […]

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