This unique personality contest combines the thrill of Survivor with the business acumen of The Apprentice while connecting a group of like-minded women from around the globe.

Miss Multiverse  The Company

Multiverse Ventures is a dynamic organization that is dedicated to empowering women through the Miss Multiverse Personality Contest. In addition to organizing this life-changing program, our company is also focused on destination marketing, providing an insider’s view of touristic destinations, and investing in emerging technologies within the Metaverse and Multiverse trends. With a deep commitment to supporting artists and creatives, we strive to promote personal growth, cultural exchange, and social responsibility.

At Multiverse Ventures, we are passionate about exploring the intersection of technology and entertainment. Our goal is to create innovative and engaging experiences that inspire, educate, and entertain our audiences. Whether you are a participant in our contest, a destination marketer, or a tech enthusiast, we invite you to join us on our journey to find The Most Amazing Woman on Earth and discover the limitless possibilities of the Multiverse.

In 2008, Linda Grandia had a vision for an organization that could empower women beyond the limited scope of traditional pageants. As the license holder for more than 46 licenses for various international competitions, Linda saw that these competitions often only highlighted limited aspects of a woman. In 2011, seeking to unify these competitions under one brand, Miss Multiverse was born. Linda saw the potential for the brand to become a force for good, empowering women and promoting personal growth and culture. To support the brand, Linda incorporated a TV show format with a focus on tourism and destination marketing. This not only provided tangible media exposure for sponsors but also created a platform for women to showcase their talents and personalities to the world.

The show’s concept inspired by the “Multiverse” in Morgan Freeman’s “Through the Wormhole,” has provided audiences with its unique approach to personality contests that captivated audiences worldwide. As reported by the leading portal: | TechCrhunch | DirectTV | The Hollywood Reporter: The concept of the multiverse has been a recurring theme in popular culture that will continue to lead the future of the entertainment industry. From Stan Lee’s early comics to modern Marvel Studios movies like Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and Doctor Strange. This gives us the confidence that Miss Multiverse will continue to resonate with fans of all ages, and contestants from all walks of life. Miss Multiverse is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting trend.

The Miss Multiverse format has redefined traditional competitions with its focus on celebrating women who possess multiple talents and skills. Unlike old-fashioned formats that may be interpreted as biased. Miss Multiverse has created a transparent score system based on achievements and challenges leaving no room for interpretations. To remain unbiased there are no judges only finish lines and measurable results. This approach has resonated with modern women who seek transparency and recognition of their multifaceted identities with an eloquent brand that gracefully describes modern women and aligns with contemporary Multiverse and Metaverse trends.


Our Mission: The main objective of Miss Multiverse is to offer a life-changing experience and empowering program for women. Through the Miss Multiverse journey, participants will be rewarded with an experience that will last a lifetime. The primary focus of our company, Multiverse Ventures BV, is to provide an insider’s view of a touristic destination, products, and services through the eyes of real people as they interact with the local environment. We look at tourism, personal growth, and culture with a wide lens, capturing situations and human emotions that produce long-lasting impressions for our viewers and associate them with inspiring stories, personalities, and destinations.

Our Services: Tourism Competitive Intelligence found that 40 million international tourists chose their destination primarily because they saw a film shot in that country. Our contribution is to help destinations and organizations put in place content strategies within our program that will best tell their unique story and become an inviting host for visitors no matter the purpose of their journey.



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