Margarita “Soul X-Ray” –  International photographer & videographer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, with over a decade of professional experience of shooting and eight solo exhibitions. Her creative experience includes work with actors, models, fashion designers, businessmen and famous people. As well as different creative people, who wanted to open a new amazing image inside themselves by …

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Saona Dreams

Luxury Catamaran Excursion As a result of a clear position of leadership, throughout twenty years of experience in maritime excursions to Saona Island, Catalina island and Chavor river, with constant innovations in touristic offerings and efficiency in close-contact service. Our group, the Saonadreams Group, has become a mark of quality assurance and service in Dominican …

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Dominican Caribbean Traveling Network CTN, is a specialized in the dissemination of national and international tourism news medium. Through news, features, documentaries and unique segments, we review the events of the sector. We also have the only Puro Turismo monthly newspaper with the latest eventualities, and CTN in a radio program Radio. Currently CTN is …

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Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz: The best or nothing. AUTOZAMA: Official General Distributor of Mercedes – Benz and Freightliner for the Dominican Republic . We service parts for all our models. At our Mercedes-Benz dealership, premium customer service is the standard, and we strive to continually raise the bar on our client experiences. Leasing, purchasing, or servicing a Mercedes-Benz …

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Services for Miss Multiverse: Collaborating with professionals located in deverse countries makes reviewing our videos time-consuming during the produccion process for everybody involved. Thanks to the viewing room provided by Remark we are able to review videos, comment and share results faster with anyone.

Yuupay YuuPay is a leading global Payment Service Provider for Online and Mobile Merchants. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of YuuZoo Corporation, an eCommerce enabled targeted social network. With more than 7 years of experience in the internet and mobile payment space, YuuPay has already processed millions of transactions for merchants in the US, …

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Blue Travel Partner

Blue | Travel Partner Services We are a DMC which counts on a team of very qualified professionals with a large experience in Dominican Republic. This group of experienced professionals, committed to service, focused on enhancing the client’s satisfaction and with endless dedication, has shared the same spirit with each one of its collaborators. Blue …

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