Yuuzoo Corporation

Headquartered in Singapore and listed on the SGX mainboard (SGX: AFC), with access to over 118 million registered users and hundreds of millions of TV viewers across 164 countries, YuuZoo in a unique way combines social networking, e-commerce and gaming in a mobile-optimized, fully localized virtual shopping mall, where the consumer can access hundreds of […]

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eTribez Labs Ltd

www.etribez.com eTribez, the entertainment industry’s leading digital solutions provider, empowers broadcast networks and television production companies with a multitude of innovative and exciting audience engagement, production management, and online voting solutions. Since its founding in 2011, eTribez has established itself as a global leader of digital white-label solutions for various entertainment genres. Our unique monetization […]

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Mentoring program

The leadership and headlines garnered by Heavy-hitting women in C-suite roles, running major Fortune 500 companies, has popularized the image of women in high-level roles, inspiring women across the globe and opening doors for a conversation about the need for more female leadership. We have drawn on global best practices to design a program specifically […]

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