Experience the most epic multi-capability personality contest on Earth!
Featuring amazing and multifaceted women on a legendary adventure.


At Miss Multiverse, we strive to celebrate the diversity and unique qualities of women from all walks of life, cultures, and beliefs. We welcome contestants from different backgrounds and with different experiences to showcase their abilities, intelligence, substance and achievements beyond beauty.


Due to the adventurous nature of the competition, here are the criteria you need to meet to be considered:

  • Ages: “Multi-Generational Beauty” – From 18 to 35, connecting women at various stages of life.
  • Education: “Multi-Task Like a Boss” – Higher-level education is preferred, but it can be compensated with an entrepreneurial track record.
  • Experience: “Break Free from the Uni-Beauty Standard” – Some modeling/catwalk experience is preferred, but it is not a requirement.
  • Fitness level: “Unleash Your Multi-Potential” – We encourage a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness, but we do not require a specific body type.
  • Relationship status: “Embrace Your Multi-Faceted Identity” – Applicants can be single, married, divorced, widowed, or have children.
  • Language: “Be Multi-Expressive” – Proficiency in English is required, but we also welcome applicants who speak other languages.
  • Profile: “Be Multi-Community Minded” – Good moral standards and outstanding social skills are essential qualities we seek in applicants.
  • Experience: “Unleash Your Multi-Media Talent” – Non required for reality program. Additional rules and regulations related to the TV Program will be provided when the applicant is accepted as a Miss Multiverse Contestant.

If you want to become part of this amazing event and TV program then please visit our Sign Up page, or email us with your photo’s, CV, motivation, Facebook link and contact info.

No hidden Fees to enter Miss Multiverse. We only request the contestants to cover their own flight and we provide opportunities to endorse their own sponsors via our platforms. This also applies to at-large contestants send to the world finals by 3rd parties or scouted directly by the Miss Multiverse organization.

Franchise fee: National directors that have signed the Miss Multiverse Franchise agreement will pay a franchise fee which depends on country size. This fee is to be covered by the franchise director not by the contestants. The franchise agreement grants the opportunity to host a Miss Multiverse competition within the franchised country. The franchiser has the rights to endorse sponsors with the Miss Multiverse brand. The franchise holder is also able to charge country contestants a small sign-up fee. The franchise director covers the flight and all costs involved by means of sponsors to give their winner the best preparation and required outfits.


Throughout recorded history several theories have been proposed to account for observations of the Universe; for a long time, the theory of the Universe was commonly defined as the totality of everything that exists. The beauty industry celebrated the ultimate beauty and splendor of women by means of association with this theory. Nowadays the theory of a single Universe has evolved in to the “Multiverse” in the mean time women have also evolved in multiple ways becoming independent, educated and empowered; modern women are multi-faceted, multi-talented, multi-benevolent, multi-tasking, multi-skilled and much more.

The beauty pageant industry of today has also evolved; emphasizing on the manifestation of beauty that “truly” comes from the inside, beauty pageants currently seek for the inner virtues in women which are also proficient and not only apparent in the eyes of the beholder. These women are independent and strong therefore play an essential role in our society, they seek life changing experiences, recognition of their internal qualities, empowerment capabilities and the opportunity to give the best of themselves to empower others.

The main objective of the Miss Multiverse pageant and modeling competition is to offer a life changing experience and empowering program for women. Through the Miss Multiverse journey our models and beauty queens will be rewarded with an experience that will last a lifetime and become part of a worldwide network of friends, possibilities, growth and opportunities we call The Miss Multiverse network.

Modern women are independent, educated, empowered and much more; THEY ARE MULTIVERSE… multi-faceted, multi-talented, multi-skilled and much more.

Miss Multiverse Beauty Pageant and Modeling Competition