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eTribez, the entertainment industry’s leading digital solutions provider, empowers broadcast networks and television production companies with a multitude of innovative and exciting audience engagement, production management, and online voting solutions. Since its founding in 2011, eTribez has established itself as a global leader of digital white-label solutions for various entertainment genres. Our unique monetization concepts give TV networks and production companies the ability to generate new revenue streams, boost social media impact, and strengthen viewer loyalty. We are the first in the TV industry to offer a virtual currency concept to gamify the user experience.

eTribez’ cutting-edge technology provides market players with a comprehensive suite of solutions to operate the most successful and efficient production processes in the entertainment industry. eTribez powers more than 150 shows around the world including some of the biggest shows in the world such as: Big Brother, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Chase UK, The Voice, Little Big Shot, The Amazing Race, Survivor, CatchPhrase UK, MasterChef, Wipeout, and many more.

eTribez’ works with some of the biggest companies in the TV industry: Fox, FremantleMedia, ITV, Endemol, M6, NBC, CMT, Univision, D8, MTV, Shine, and RTL, to name a few.

Solutions for Miss Multiverse: The campaign for Miss Multiverse, which will be produce and broadcast worldwide, will use eTribez Casting and Engage Including the following activities:

a.    Registration with multiple casting calls
b.    Audition management
c.    Crowd Casting
d.    Dynamic contestant profiles
e.    Fan reward program
f.    Polls
g.    Online shop
h.    Voting for elimination on live TV show

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