Mentoring program

The leadership and headlines garnered by Heavy-hitting women in C-suite roles, running major Fortune 500 companies, has popularized the image of women in high-level roles, inspiring women across the globe and opening doors for a conversation about the need for more female leadership.

We have drawn on global best practices to design a program specifically for the modern and multi-talented women whose driving objective is to become successful entrepreneur and role model to her community.

Miss Multiverse depicts 40 beautiful and talented aspiring entrepreneur-contestants from around the world with various professional backgrounds on a jeanery that will transform their lives. This elimination-style competition seeks to find the most multitalented and capable woman among 30 ladies from 30 countries whom will be judged in a new format never seen before on television, extroverted judges, intriguing personalities, touristic adventures and more as we get to know each would-be-Miss Multiverse through challenges and triumphs leading towards the opportunity of being mentored by a world renown entrepreneurial guru.

Entrepreneur. It’s a tough word — both to spell and to call yourself. Being an entrepreneur brings with it a love of leaping head first into the unknown. Life-long entrepreneurs love new challenges, and live their lives in a constant growth phase. One of the common resources an entrepreneur turns to is a mentor. Asking for advice that are essential to the success of an entrepreneur’s journey.

Upon signing-up for Miss Multiverse, contestants are taking that leap in to the unknown, they have endured all challenge and demonstrated to be on a path towards personal growth. We invite you to become the mentor that will guide them on the essential next phase of their entrepreneur’s journey.

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