Miss Multiverse Cameroon

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Naoumie Ekiko

  • Age: 26
  • Representing country: Cameroon
  • Height: 5’95
  • Measurements: 34-25-36

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Naoumie’s Motto in Life: “Awesome; Relax and enjoy the little things”

We asked Naoumie to write a short paragraph describing who she is:

I am a Sagittarius with adventure written all over. I love exploring and discovering new things and ways to keep me happy. I am a hard working person and love to keep the people I love close to my heart and keep them happy. I don’t take life to serious because that is not the way to live

We asked Naoumie why she entered this competition:

“Being part of Miss Multiverse is a great opportunity, not only for my modeling career but also for my charity work as this gives me a larger platform of people to spread my message to. Being a role model for women and girls around the world is such an honor and being part of Miss Multiverse and what it stands for will make that possible”

Naoumie’s Hobbies:

“Riding my bike, anything active, singing, watching movies, eating, taking care of my dog”

Naoumie’s Talents:

“I can sing”

Naoumie’s Education:

“I have a college degree with a major in Music”

Naoumie’s Career:

“I am a fulltime Model”

We asked Naoumie to tell us 5 things we’d be most surprised to learn about her:

1) I was a town boy before modeling, now I am more feminine.

2) I life in the projects to safe and pay my bills.

3) I can move my knee muscles.

4) I know how to get out of a shock hold.

5) I see the bright sight of things, after I have imagined the worst first.

We asked Naoumie what charities she is affiliated with:

“Non yet”

Naoumie’s list of top print or commercial jobs to date:

  • CoverGirl
  • Kohls
  • American Swiss jewelry
  • Coca Cola
  • Macy’s


 Miss Multiverse Cameroon 2016 – Naoumie Ekiko

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