Miss Multiverse Guinea

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Jasmine Sjoberg

  • Age: 24
  • Representing country: Guinea
  • Height: 5’10
  • Measurements: 33-26-34

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Jasmine’s Motto in Life: “Turn your can’ts into can’s and your dreams into plans”

We asked Jasmine to write a short paragraph describing who she is:

“I am a goodhearted person who loves beauty and fashion with a purpose to show love and to make this world a better place”

We asked Jasmine why she entered this competition:

I believe it is a blessing to get an opportunity like this. Miss multiverse is different from all other competitions I have entered before. Miss multiverse is beyond all other competitions. Every woman would love to be crowned as miss multiverse because it stands for more then only beauty. They are looking for a woman who is not only beautiful but also smart, business minded and multi talented. I love the idea and the concept that it also will be a tv show. I also love that we gonna discover the beauty off dominican republic. Feeling blessed and honoured to be one off the delegates.

Jasmine’s Hobbies:

In my freetime I sing and dance a lot. I also like to write, I am writing a book I want to publish one day. I love beauty and cameras and I have chosen to go in that direction in life. My hobby is my work, because I work as a model, flight attedent, actress and beauty queen.

Jasmine’s Talents:

I am a very creative soul. I am sing, dance and photograph often.

Jasmine’s Education:

I have been going to college, acting school and I also took a degree as an flight attedent.

Jasmine’s Career:

Top model, Actress, Flight attendant and Beauty Queen.

We asked Jasmine to tell us 5 things we’d be most surprised to learn about her:

1. I jumped over 2nd grade in school, most people don´t know this. I loved study as a child and I could spend all my days playing school at my freetime.

2. I am left-handed.

3. I love to eat healthy and to work out. I don’t eat sugar and I only drink water.

4. My name means the princess flower over the lakes and mountains. I think that is beautiful.

5. I am a very happy soul and I dance and sing a lot for myself. Some people would think I am a little bit crazy, hehe.

We asked Jasmine what awards she won:

I have won best body, miss friendship, miss africa and I have been in top 5. I have never won any competition.

We asked Jasmine what charities she is affiliated with:

I am working on some different projects. I am spending a lot time in Cape Town, out Africa for work and I am planning to bring a lot clothes there from my second home Sweden and Norway. The differences is very huge on this places and I believe its a great idea to even it out. I also wanna work with UNICEF in the near future.

Jasmine’s list of top print or commercial jobs to date:

Top model sweden 2013. Adidas campaign 2016. Fashion week in Beijing 2013. Different commercials 2016. American TV serial – Hooten and the lady American TV serial – Kings of Prophets


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