Miss Multiverse Italy

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Jami Cirone

  • Age: 29
  • Representing Country: Italy
  • Height: 5’8
  • Measurements: 33-23-35

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Jami’s Motto in Life: “For attractive lips speak words of kindness, for lovely eyes look for the beauty in others.”

We asked Jami to write a short paragraph describing who she is:

I am a swimsuit designer, model, and actress in independent films recently starring in a Black and White French “noir” film. I am now embarking on my ‘violon D’ingres” hidden talent in fashion and am loving it. I have recently created my first swimsuit line called Cirone Swim Lingerie for poolside luxury swimsuits and below deck.

We asked Jami why she entered this competition:
“To win Miss Multiverse! To gain a sisterhood and meet incredible smart beautiful women like myself that we have something in common with, to win a scholarship, and to be apart of education for children in Dominican Republic”

Jami’s Hobbies:
Dancing Barre Class, yoga, paddle boarding, alpine and back country skiing, trail running, classic literature, crocheting, and community outreach.

Jami’s Talents:
Piano, singing, contemporary jazz hip hop dance, ballet, making fondant cakes, photography, modeling, and fashion design

Jami’s Education:
Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education

Jami’s Career:
Fashion Design

We asked Jami to tell us 5 things we’d be most surprised to learn about her:
“I’m a polyglot and can be dropped in about five different countries; French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, and English. I enjoy reading classic novels by Jane Austen, D. H. Lawrence, James Joyce, and poetry by Emily Dickenson and Shakespeare. I can wrap my arms around my head. I ski off mountain tops. I have an identical twin sister”

We asked Jami what awards she won:
“In college I received a literary prize award, scholarship for leadership, Rhea H. Baily Scholarship, Americorp Scholarship, Who’s Who Among American Students, Scripture Mastery Award, Spanish Speaking Award. I have received most photogenic, most courageous award, and Miss Friendship Award”

We asked Jami what charities she is affiliated with:
“The Utah Foster Care Program, Utah Youth Village, Christos De Ninos Star Fish Foundation, Tanzania Orphanage, Cataract Society for Nepal and Africa, Women in Need Foundation, Cancer Society, Lymphoma Center, National Ability Center, and NAMI”

Jami’s list of top print or commercial jobs to date:

       LA Swim Week
       La Arts Fashion Week
       Pedram Couture
       Millions of Millions
       Viva Glam Magazine
       MM Modeling Magazine
       Pump Magazine
       Precious Vodka Billboard
       Vain Girl Magazine, Editorial Print Work


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