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Miss Multiverse Networking models

Why do some contestants, models and talents receive valuable sponsorship, free products and earn money while others barely receive a single dollar?

What is the strategy behind this? We will share five useful tips and methods used by some of the most avid Miss Multiverse Models business net-workers during our competition.


1. Know what you are looking for.

Your primary source are family, friends and existing business connections whom already know you, believe in your capabilities and support you. They are also your initial source of feedback, trial and error to refine your elevator pitch as you develop documentation before you are ready to approach other parties. Receiving their sponsorship will also help boost your self-esteem and confidence to pursue your sponsorship goals.

“Find products, services, institutions and brands that stand for something you can get behind, or with a philosophy that resonates with you,”

You should only endorse a product that you know well, use regularly, and absolutely adore. Companies appreciate advocates who love and use their products, people who will go out and proselytize for their brands.

You must have “an authentic conviction in the value of the brand.” Audiences can sense insincerity in a heartbeat, and endorsing a product for the wrong reasons will destroy your artistic credibility,”


2. Negotiate specifics that you are able to deliver.

Not every endorsement relationship will look the same “An endorsement deal is not getting products and support without responsibilities in return.”  Even if you are brilliant, gorgeous and talented but only have 200 followers on social media nor active with your online community, you will not be an asset to help companies sell their product, having an online platform that people could gather around is far more compelling for your sponsor to recognize that you are able to get people engaged with what you love do and send powerful message in combination with their products. It is important to be realistic and conscious of the compromise and time commitments required to deliver and meet your sponsors expectations.


3. Where and how do I find endorsement deals?

Events: Search for brands that support and align themselves with other beauty events, fashion week, entertainment events and so forth.  When you visit their websites, look at the brands supporting those events, this shall give you an overall idea of the brands who are most receptive to reach your target group. Be cautious and practice good business ethics, sponsors of an event in the same industry of Miss Multiverse should not be approached, reasoning that as sponsors they have a stake on that particular event, probabilities are that they are loyal sponsor and therefore might not appreciate being approached by a competitor brand. But they surely have competition within their industry, you are free to search similar products sold under different brands and licenses with a strong case by conveying that their competitors are sponsoring similar events.

Online: Research the internet, not just for companies, research blogs, articles and marketing efforts to find products and trademarks appealing to you and trying to reach your target group, give special attention to those with products and services found near your area of residency.

Counter sales: Brands and products seek to win customers loyalty and make efforts designed to turn customers in to brand advocates that can recommend their products, keep an open mind for those products or sales adds seeking to reach you over social media, email or phone and reverse the sale, meaning if they are targeting you as a potential customer this means you can provide access to numerous consumers within your target group as a brand advocate and with your endorsements.

Fairs and trade-shows: Companies make an investment for a commercial spot or exhibition stand to showcase their products during these events, seeking opportunities to put their products in the market, they have a budget to spend and more than likely are receptive to other methods that can extend their marketing efforts to reach their target group. You are there as a potential customer, if the product appeals to you, there is a high probability that it will appeal to others in your target group. This is where you flip the coin and deliver your elevator pitch, (Short and to the point) just enough to leave them aware of how much the followers you reach would love this product. Exchange business cards and follow up by email, phone and visit to close the deal.

Business networking meetings and conferences: These type of events deliver triple benefits; you will learn something new, expand your business network and meet potential sponsors. Visitors of these events are there for the same reasons, they are like-minded and frequently open for new business opportunities and ways to reach new customers.

Look beyond fashion and beauty companies: While many endorsement opportunities exist within the beauty and entertainment industry, this is where all models and professionals in the beauty industry are also seeking brands to endorse and therefore competing for the same sponsorship; in the other hand, industries with no relation to fashion and beauty; such as transportation, government, embassies, engineering, software, real-estate, logistics to name a few, remain barely untapped, many of these corporations are vastly resourceful and are seeking for friendly faces to represent their brands, attend corporate events and would value your endorsement often in highly creative ways.


4. Look for a good fit. 

This is where genre, style, and message come into play.  Find a product or company that matches your personal band’s vibe and lifestyle.  Look at what these companies are already doing to sell their product, and see if you match their per-existing formula. If not, perhaps you have a pitch outside of their existing formula that might improve their sales. Then find someone in the marketing department and see if you can make a connection. Prepare a sponsorship request letter with a value proposition, it is ok to use templates but make sure it is properly addressed and personalized, mentioning specifics of what you like about their products and your motivation. Do your homework, have all of this prepared in advance and ready to click the send button soon after your call.


5. Know what you bring to the table.

The main (and perhaps only) question a company/brand wants to know is what you can do for them.  Put yourself in the company’s shoes. Speak their language. Make sure you have researched their product and clearly convey the value you are able to bring to the table.



Not everyone has the same endorsement value and you are probably wondering what is your worth. Here you will find common tools that will help you calculate endorsement pricing based on social media reach. There are also intangible values in connection with your history of accomplishments that can become a valuable asset in connection to bringing visibility and prestige to the company in a meaningful way with benefits such as brand awareness, showcasing opportunities, customer loyaltylead generation and goodwill, all these factors need to be considered. The information herein is only useful if backed up with due diligence, entrepreneurial intuition, responsibility as well as common sense.

Step 1) Consider your previous accomplishments and sums them up with your upcoming plans and accomplishments.


  • You have been hand-picked from a worldwide selection where numerous women from your country have applied, this means you are special, valuable and have the ¨IT¨ factor. If Miss Multiverse is willing to invest in you, then be certain that other brands and products will also believe in you and value your worth.
  • You are part of a desirable consumer target group of millennials, where you represent a prominent group of modern women in a market segment with high purchasing power.
  • Your previous accomplishments in combination with participating in Miss Multiverse will boost your endorsement value.
  • The upcoming media exposure, visual images, social media propagation and fan engagement will increase your online presence and number of followers.
  • The interest generated by the live events & program will generate importance to your personal branding as a woman in showbiz.
  • You are part of a network that expands to 30 countries, you are thereby connected with 30 franchises and like-minded women whom manage a local fan base in their respective countries, meaning your sponsors have a window to reach audience internationally.
  • Miss Multiverse is a trademark centered on quality not quantity, the organization is selective and monitors the brand worldwide to make sure it remains prestigious to the extent that other trademarks will benefit from association. You are now part of the trademark.

Step 2) Consider your previous TV appearance, Modeling work, talents and abilities and what revenues you earned with your most recent work; if you are still not clear, contact a local talent management agency or research online to find out reasonable rates of talents with similar history and level in your country or region.



Social media is a big deal. It’s changing the way people interact with each other and share information. If your target audience is using social media then you need to carve out your niche, build your fan base and contribute to the conversation. 

Freevaluator: The Facebook Page Worth is a free tool provided by Freevaluator, it checks how many likes a page has and based on the total of likes it will give you the value of the Facebook Page. 

  • Visit the website: Facebook – Freevaluator.com
  • Fill in the Facebook page or the ID of the Facebook page.
  • Click Check to check the value of the FB Page.
  • View result and see how many likes a page has and what the FB page is worth.
  • Repeat the same for your twitter account: Twitter – Freevaluator.com

Calculate your Facebook & twitter net-worth



Calculate the value of each like

To calculate the value of each Facebook Like of your page, you can easily do this by answer 6 simple questions for the VOAL calculator using the data found on your Facebook Insights.




Calculate the value of each tweet post 

All you have to do is enter your Twitter handle using the free webfluencial estimator





The collective result can give you a reasonably equation formula to negotiate rates with your potential sponsors. Consider sponsorship offered versus the requirements and you are set to go.


  1. Discount sponsorship – This is where companies give you their products or services at a deeply discounted rate. This can be a discount of anywhere from 10, 20 even 75% off the standard price that you would normally pay.
  2. Shop Sponsorship – This is usually a sponsorship where a local store provides its products and services for free along with discounts on other brands the store carries
  3. Flow Sponsorship – This is where you receive free merchandise from a manufacturer or distributor on a regular basis. (This is an amazing achievement by itself!)
  4. Amateur Sponsorship – An amateur sponsorship is similar to a flow sponsorship in that you get free merchandise on a regular basis. The difference is that they will also help you with promotion and also offer you incentives for any exposure you get for their company.
  5. Professional Sponsorship – This is the one most people are familiar with. Professional sponsorship involves a paycheck, free “pro model” gear, entrance fees for events and competitions, along with money for travel expenses.
  6. Corporate Sponsorship – This is when a professional sponsorship extends with the general involvement of the sponsor with the local or international events, programs and marketing of Miss Multiverse.


Let’s recap.

The ultimate aim of any sponsorship proposal is to convince a sponsor to invest by clearly illustrating why you are a viable marketing option to reach their target group.

Target Audience Expectations

So what does your target audience expect from you? Here are some examples:

  • Entertainment – I want to be entertained and I want to have fun
  • Exclusivity – I want an experience that few others have, I want to feel special
  • Community – I want to spend time with like minded people
  • Improvement – I want to improve my situation, be it mental, physical or financial
  • Excitement – I want my heart to race, I want to feel the Adrenalin
  • Contribution – I want to play my part
  • Gratification – I want to feel pleasure in my myself and my surroundings

Sponsor Objectives

As part of their marketing goals your sponsor will have a number of objectives. Typically, these may include:

  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Create awareness of the brand
  • Drive retail traffic
  • Highlight community responsibility
  • Capture sales leads
  • Increase sales
  • Showcase products and services

Developing unique marketing initiatives for your sponsor

The process involves:

  • Selecting an audience expectation(s)
  • Combine these with the sponsor’s objectives and;
  • Associate them with a number of sponsorship elements to;
  • Develop a unique marketing initiative

This can be achieved by:

  1. Demonstrate a return on investment for your sponsor
    1. Audience expectations
    2. Sponsor objectives
    3. Marketing initiatives
  2. Develop unique marketing initiatives for your sponsor
    1. Selecting an audience expectation(s)
    2. Combine these with the sponsor’s objectives and;
    3. Associate them with a number of sponsorship elements to;
    4. Develop a unique marketing initiative
  3. Highlight the competitive advantages of your sponsorship program
    1. Reach, frequency and relevance
    2. Sales touches
    3. Social media engagement

If you include all three elements in your next sponsorship proposal I have no doubt you will significantly improve your chances of success and put yourself ahead of the pack.



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