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Season 4 (Episode 2) Winner Ukraine..

SURVIVAL ISLAND CHALLENGE: Miss Multiverse contestants are separated into two teams and taken to an amazing landscape, a beautiful deserted beach. But soon realize they have to build a hut to spend the night and need to begin gathering resources.

There is plenty around but.. There is a leadership conflict. A coup D’Etat. They take a vote. But.. it’s a tie. To break the tie they give a challenge to the two possible captains.

There is a winner, but…. There is a spy in each group that actually belongs to the other team and is there to sabotage all team efforts. This new backstory sets them off in pursuit of a new villain while trying to win an epic scavenger hunt.

They now have to work as a group but also think as individuals under suspicion. Who is the Spy?

The Penalty for losing this challenge is… disqualification. Each team member will be the one to vote during elimination.

Build a hut, to make it through the night, on a deserted beach.
Hide the clues for the opposite team, while avoiding the spy who is there to sabotage the team’s effort.

Miss Latvia, Miss Ukraine, Miss Moldova, Miss France.

TEAM A: Ukraine, Latvia, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, Poland, Belarus.
TEAM B: Moldova, Canada, USA, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Peru, Iceland


Ana Santos
Catarina Cesar
David Seuss

Filmed by:
Multiverse productions
Music: Multiverse productions

The Miss Multiverse organization thanks all sponsors:

Head Sponsor: Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana.

Other sponsors and partners:
Ramona Haar Jewelry – Coco Bongo Punta Cana – Magna Motors – Aqua Park, Downtown Punta Cana, – Macao Surfcamp – Caribbean Traveling Network – FilmonTV – Escapology Punta Cana – – Sling Shot Boogies at Hard Rock – Dominican Tree House Village – Kelly tours @kellytoursdr – Ministerio de turismo @mturismord – Grupo RANVINCOR S.R.L @paintballparkrd.