Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz: The best or nothing. AUTOZAMA: Official General Distributor of Mercedes – Benz and Freightliner for the Dominican Republic . We service parts for all our models. At our Mercedes-Benz dealership, premium customer service is the standard, and we strive to continually raise the bar on our client experiences. Leasing, purchasing, or servicing a Mercedes-Benz […]

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Services for Miss Multiverse: Collaborating with professionals located in deverse countries makes reviewing our videos time-consuming during the produccion process for everybody involved. Thanks to the viewing room provided by Remark we are able to review videos, comment and share results faster with anyone.

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Miss Multiverse Vietnam

{slider=Miss Vietnam Multiverse 2016} Isabelle Du Representing country: Vietnam Height: 5’7 Measurements: 32-25-35 Isabelle’s Motto in Life: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” {slider=title=”Read More” class=”icon”} We asked Isabelle to write a short paragraph describing who she is: “As an international model, actress and host, you can currently find me on […]

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Miss Multiverse kazakhstan

{slider=title=”Miss Kazakhstan Multiverse 2016″ class=”icon”} Renata Khairutdinova Age: 26 Representing country: Kazakhstan Height: 5’8 Measurements: 34-25-36 {slider=title=”Read More” class=”icon”} Renata’s Motto in Life: “Always trust only yourself” In our world there are many lies and treachery” We asked Renata to write a short paragraph describing who she is: “I am a model and I am […]

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Yuupay YuuPay is a leading global Payment Service Provider for Online and Mobile Merchants. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of YuuZoo Corporation, an eCommerce enabled targeted social network. With more than 7 years of experience in the internet and mobile payment space, YuuPay has already processed millions of transactions for merchants in the US, […]

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